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EBD Carmal Hats - La Casa del Sombrero is a small Ecuadorian company that for more than thirty years has been dedicated to the production and trade of the famous toquilla straw hats, popularly known as "Panama Hats". It started as a family business of artisanal goods and local products located in the airports of Quito and Guayaquil (the main airports in Ecuador), and later EBD Carmal Hats opened its doors to the general public in the one of the most emblematic and traditional neighbourhoods of Quito, La Mariscal.

Our founder, Rosita Maldonado Sanchez, has always viewed the toquilla straw hat as something more than a simple accessory for the sun. For her, the hats are an icon of avant-garde fashion and elegance. Since the opening of EBD Carmal Hats, Rosita has dedicated all of her ingenuity and effort toward the development of exclusive and original hat designs. In our workshops hats are tailored and transformed, unique ornaments are designed and elaborated with great care, and ribbons are selected from various colours and weaves- each step leading to a distinct and special creation. Many of our models have been inspired by the tastes of our select clients- clients who push us every day to do our very best.

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