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Keeping the hats in the best condition possible is one of the most important parts of our job as specialists. For this reason, we have arranged a variety of services for our clients:

Ironing Hats / Blocking Hats

Cleaning Service

General Maintenance: Repair and re-conditioning of your hat.


It is always advisable to take your hat to an expert hatter or a specialized center for service and maintenance to avoid the hat losing its original and characteristic shape. Follow our advice and if possible visit our shop or send us your hat so we make it look like new again.

An Ecuadorian hat made of toquilla straw is a work of art made by hand; there will never be two of the same. You may find small imperfections in color, fabric and finish, either by nature or by the hand of the craftsman, things that make each hat unique. In EBD Carmal Hats, we care that our customers not only have the best hats, but that they also enjoy them in their best condition as the day they got them. Keep your hats in the best shape possible with the following recommendations:

  • When handling, putting on or taking off the hat, it should be carefully taken from the brim and NEVER from the tip or nose. This is the most delicate part and could be broken or deformed due to constant pressure.

  • Do not expose it to rain and prevent the hat from getting wet as this will cause it to loose its shape.

  • To clean the dust you can use a soft or lint-free cloth. If it is dirtier you can also use a moist towelette or the same cloth but moistened with a little water and white soap. Gently rub it until the spots disappear.


  • When not in use, it is preferable to store the hat in a dry place and preferably in the box in that it came in to preserve its shape. If you have more than one hat it is better not to stack them, but if you are going to do so, put the larger ones on top of the smaller ones.

  • If the hat loses its shape due to water or for any other reason, it can be exposed to a little steam from a teapot and shape or mold it with your hands. You can also use a steam iron at low temperature or a hair dryer, also at low temperature. Always protect the material from direct contact with heat by using fabric or a piece of cloth. To properly mold the brim it is best to use the iron.

  • A certain degree of humidity is recommended so that the Toquilla Straw can be preserved and its flexibility maintained, this can be done by placing the hat in the bathroom while taking a shower. On the other hand, it is not advisable to leave the hat exposed to the sun in a closed environment.


  • Finally and perhaps the most important, do not fold or roll up the hat, the vast majority of hats do not resist this and in addition to losing their shape could be broken. If you decide to do it, do not leave it rolled or bent for long periods of time as the straw will begin to crack.

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